Apple Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard issues Zero W

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I have a Zero W, a wired mouse, and a bluetooth Apple Mouse and Keyboard.
To install the latest Raspbian I use the wired mouse. Then go to setup bluetooth and pair the Apple Mouse and Keyboard.
This is when things get weird... The keyboard will either have a delayed response, or just be unresponsive randomly or behave like I am holding down a already recently pressed key. This results in it being completely unusable.But, If I disconnect from the Apple Mouse, the keyboard behaves example, with a fast response.
The mouse also behaves strangely when connected in tandem with the keyboard... Sometimes it does not register a click or several clicks. Its very random but I have not tried to disconnect from the Apple Keyboard at this stage to see if that would resolve that .There is clearly a conflict happening somewhere - I do have the wired mouse still plugged in but I would not have thought that to be a problem.Any tips?

Please help.

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